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Yes. On December 1, 2020, amendments to the provisions relating to persons staying in Poland based on a humanitarian visa entered into force (purpose of issue: "21" - arrival for humanitarian reasons, due to state interest or international obligations). According to the new regulations, people with a humanitarian visa can work in Poland without additional permits. Humanitarian visas in 2020 were issued mainly to Belarusian citizens due to the situation in their country of origin. ...Więcej »
The Regional Center for Supporting Non-Governmental Initiatives and the Association for Social Diversity UP-DATE, in cooperation with the Wrocław Center for Social Development invites you to participate in the third edition of the Wrocław Anti-Discrimination Training Academy. Participation in the Academy is free of charge. Recruitment lasts until April 26, 2021. The Wroclaw Academy of Antidiscrimination Training is an interactive educational project that prepares participants to conduct anti-di...Więcej »
If you are a BENEFICIARY OF THE WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT, you have time until the end of 2021 to submit the relevant documents to the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Office, depending on your situation. Example 1. I have been in Poland before 31 December 2020 for at least five years, and I can prove the continuity of my stay. --> Apply for a document confirming the right of permanent residence of a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Example 2. I already have a val...Więcej »
It is the second time we spend Easter in pandemic conditions. We limit meetings with family and friends, but this does not prevent us from supporting our relatives and helping those who need it the most. We wish you to be healthy until that time when we will be meeting each other again without fear. We believe that each of us has enough strength to go through all the difficult moments! We wish you always have enough kindness to others. This Easter, let your heart be filled with hope and love! ...Więcej »
Yes, many official matters can be handled online. To do this, set up a Profil Zaufany (Trusted Profile) - a free tool that allows you to confirm your identity on the Internet. In the case of foreigners, there are two ways to create a Trusted Profile. Fill in the form to create a Trusted Profile in the electronic banking system. After authorization, you will receive an account confirmation to your e-mail address. The largest banks in Poland offer this possibility. Submit your application o...Więcej »
If you are a non-EU citizen and you stay in Poland for at least 185 days, you must obtain a Polish driving license. The exchange procedure differs depending on the country of issue of the document. Suppose the driving license was issued in a country that has ratified the Geneva or the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, and your driving license meets the standards of these conventions. In that case, it is enough to submit an application for exchange and pay the fee. Suppose your driving license...Więcej »
PIT is a personal income tax. According to Polish law, from February 1 to April 30 of each year, an employee who earned income in Poland during the previous calendar year must submit an annual tax declaration (PIT) to the Tax Office. There are several types of tax declarations. The most common type is PIT-37. You should submit PIT-37 if you work under an employment contract, contract of mandate, or contract for specific work. The employer is obliged to provide the employee with PIT-11 by the en...Więcej »
We invite you to the first WroMigrant webinar for Belarusian citizens. The topic of the meeting is "Legalization of stay and work in Poland." It will be held on March 16 at 18:00 on the Zoom platform. Participants will learn: how citizens of Belarus can legalize their stay in Poland when the purpose of their stay is work; what types of visas they can apply for; how to submit an application for a temporary residence and work permit at the Voivodeship Office; how citizens of Belarus c...Więcej »
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