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When can I apply for a permanent residence permit? Unlike a long-term resident of the EU, you can apply for permanent residence if you meet one of the following conditions: you are married to a Polish citizen and at the same time: you have been married for at least 3 years at the moment of application; you have been in Poland continuously for at least 2 years on the basis of a temporary residence permit issued for the purpose of marriage with a Polish citizen or in connection with o...Więcej »
When can I apply for a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification? You can apply for a residence permit for family reunification if you are a spouse or minor child of a person residing in Poland based on: permanent or EU long-term resident's permit; consecutive temporary residence permits on which he/she stays at least 2 years (at the time of applying); granting refugee status or permit to stay for humanitarian reasons; temporary residence permit issued, among others, to...Więcej »
Apply for participation in Course for Young Animators which will take place on August 9th to 13th 2021 in the Ukrainian House in Przemyśl. Free M&M Animators Course is aimed at people between 18 and 35 years of age coming from minority or migrant background, who residing/active in the following provinces: Lower Silesia, Silesia, Mazovia, Lesser Poland or Subcarpathia. By taking this course you will: learn how to change the reality around you, strengthen yourself in relations with othe...Więcej »
I am applying for a residence permit for a long-term resident of the EU. Do I need to confirm my knowledge of the Polish language? Yes, documents that can confirm the knowledge of the Polish language are: a state certificate of knowledge of the Polish language at the level of at least B1, issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish; school leaving certificate in Poland or abroad with the Polish language of instruction (primary, secondary, postsecondary, a...Więcej »
Are you a leader/member of an informal group representing migrants or ethnic or national minorities? Or maybe you work in an NGO of migrants or the so-called „official” minorities? It’s time to join forces! We have different human resources, premises, often different needs and perspectives.  On June 15, 2021 at 15.00 Kalejdoskop Kultur invite you to the first networking meeting of the emerging Coalition of Minority and Migrant Organizations. Societies of migrants, as well as local associations ...Więcej »
First, write in the relevant field in the application information about where you have funds for living and your earnings. Documents confirming the source of a stable and regular income include: current employment contract / order contract; a document confirming the current income obtained from the conducted business activity. Remember, the minimum amount that you have to show is PLN 701 net for a single household member or PLN 528 for each person in the family, but this information sho...Więcej »
I apply for an EU long-term residence permit. One of the conditions is a 5-year uninterrupted stay in Poland. How do I count my stay correctly?  To correctly calculate the uninterrupted stay in Poland, you should sum up the periods from all your previous residence permits and visas, including multiple conditions:  "Uninterrupted stay" means that in the last 5 years none of your stay out of Poland was longer than 6 months, and all the intervals together did not exceed 10 months period;  The 5-...Więcej »
Yes. You can submit a complaint with the Voivodship Administrative Court in the case of the inaction of the authority or excessive length of the proceedings.  IMPORTANT: The right to bring a complaint to the court can only be exercised after the prior submission of a reminder.  Unlike the reminder in the complaint, you should indicate the specific violation of the law. You can also apply for a sum of money that the authority will have to pay to you. For this, we advise you to seek the assistan...Więcej »
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