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Tomorrow will take place The next edition of the European Night of Literature. It is a project carried out in many cities of the continent, presenting the work of writers from various European countries. It is a holiday of readers who in this one evening can hear excellent prose in the interpretations of prominent creators of culture, and at the same time visit the spaces of the city, which are often not available to visitors on a daily basis. This year places of readings in Wrocław will be lo...Więcej »
We have started with trainings on how to counteract hate speech for Wrocław cultural institutions! Behind us already two trainings for employees and management staff of the Musical Theater Capitol and Strefa Kultury Wrocław. We discussed examples of crimes and symbolism of hatred and ways of dealing with them. An important conclusion - each of us has an impact on our immediate surroundings. You can also act together and thus create a better world more effectively - open, gentle and friendly. ...Więcej »
In four days already, on Sunday, 26th of May, will take place elections to the European Parliament. At that time, all citizens of the European Union Member States will choose their representatives. Why is voting important? Because decisions made in the European Parliament have a significant impact on the lives of all citizens of the European Union. Issues related to migration policy, the labor market or climate change depend on who will receive the mandate of the MEP. Important: Polish citizen...Więcej »
Who does not know the Human Library yet? The Human Library works just like a regular library. The reader can come, choose a book from the catalog that interests him or her and then borrow it. However, in this library, the Books are real people, authentic representatives of minorities and social groups who are not accepted in society, who face exclusion and prejudice.  The reader, borrowing such a Human Book, enters into a dialogue with this person. Thanks to this interaction, both sides have t...Więcej »
This Monday begins the International Literature Festival Apostrophe, which will last until 26th of May. This year's edition will be held under the slogan "This is not the only possible world" and the curator of the event is Olga Tokarczuk. As in previous years, meetings with writers will be held in six Polish cities at the same time: Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk and Katowice. In Wrocław, meetings are planned for the authors of both Polish and world literature. We will see and he...Więcej »
There are two big events in front of us, during which fans of multiculturalism will definitely find something interesting for them. We talk about Night of Museums and Night of Nadodrze district. This Saturday begins one of the most popular cultural events in Europe. It is taking place in about 120 cities at the same time. In Wrocław, 83 different kinds of institutions have prepared their offers - museums, art galleries, universities, culture and sport centers, workshops, churches. Some establ...Więcej »
This Friday and Saturday Wrocław opens to the Far East - because the Festival Gateway to Asia begins its 2nd edition. There will be a lecture on Chinese pop culture, Ayurvedic cooking workshops, Chinese calligraphy classes, concerts, Far Eastern dances and many, many other events. You can find full program in the event of organizer....Więcej »
In the past robots were designed and created by adults. But today the initiative is taken over by children! "RoboSfera BezGranic" is already launched – what means multicultural, free robotics classes for children. Children from 3 to 13 years old can design, build and later even play a football game by controlling their own robots. And to do this they are not obliged to know Polish. Because the most important is manual cooperation with other children! Classes will take place in various distr...Więcej »
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