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XXIII Day of Judaism

XXIII Day of Judaism

On January 17, the Catholic Church in Poland will celebrate the 23nd Day of Judaism. On this occasion, the Archdiocese of Wroclaw prepared a three-day (from 15 to 17 January) series of meetings related to the coming holiday. The motto of the whole event comes from the Book of Exodus and refers to the obligation to properly celebrate the Sabbath day (Ex 20.8). The Liturgy of the Word of God will also be based on this commandment.

The event is celebrated in Wroclaw for the eighteenth time. The celebrations start on January 15 at 19:00 and in the meantime at the Edith Stein Housewill take placethe promotion of the book “A Guide to Jewish Wroclaw”. During the meeting, it will be possible to meet the authors of the work: Tamara Włodarczyk and Jerzy Kichler.

On January 16, there will be a speech on “The importance of the holy day for Christians and Jews” with the participation of Wrocław Rabbi David Bosak and priest. dr. Hab. Grzegorz Sokołowski, professor at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław. On this day at 19:30 you will also be able to participate in the liturgy of the Word of God under the leadership of Fr. Senior Marian Gołębiewski, with the participation of representatives of the Jewish Religious Community in Wrocław, with the singing of the Neocatechumenal Way.

On the last day of the cycle, on January 17 at 17:30, at the White Stork Synagogue at ul. Włodkowica 7 it will be held introduction to the prayer of Rabbi David Bosak. From 18.00 will take place an Open Shabbat Serviceand at 19:00Kidusz with refreshments. Admission and participation in all events is free.

The organizer of the celebrations is the Archdiocese of Wrocław and its partners: the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, the Jewish Community in Wrocław and the Edith Stein House Society. The event is sponsored by the Wrocław Commune.

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