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WroMigrant: withdrawal of a residence permit (p.1)

When may the permanent residence/long-term resident’s EU stay be withdrawn?

The permanent residence permit is withdrawn from the foreigner if:

  • he applied for a permit containing false personal data or false/counterfeit information or documents;
  • he was convicted by a final judgment in Poland for an intentional crime and sentenced to at least 3 years’ imprisonment;
    • it is required for reasons of defense, state security, protection of public safety and order, or the interests of the Republic of Poland;
  • he divorced within 2 years from the date on which he was granted a permanent residence permit due to a marriage with a Polish citizen;
  • he was deprived of the asylum based on which the permit was issued;
  • he exceeded the maximum permissible duration of stay outside the territory of the Republic of Poland.

In the case of granting a long-term resident’s EU residence permit, in addition to the above-mentioned cases, the permit is withdrawn if:

  • the foreigner has obtained a long-term resident’s EU residence permit on the territory of another EU Member State;
  • the long-term resident’s EU residence permit was acquired unlawfully.

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