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WroMigrant: temporary residence permit for the purpose of studies

I am a full-time student and applying for a temporary residence permit. What is the amount of sufficient funds that I need to have?

The amount you need to have depends on the year of study.

  • If you are a first-year student, you should show sufficient funds for 15 months.
  • If your studies are covered by an EU program that provides for mobility within the EU – for 2 years.
  • If you are a student of another yearfor each month of the planned stay during your studies, plus for 3 months after graduation (but not more than for 3 years).

The cost of living should also include the cost of housing and the cost of return travel.

The cost of living is a minimum of PLN 701 per month, if you are staying in Poland alone, PLN 528 per month for each family member, if you have dependents.

Housing costs include rent and all service charges, which must be converted into the number of people living on the premises. You will specify these costs in the declaration that you enclose with your application for a residence permit.

Return travel costs: PLN 200 – if you come from a country neighboring Poland, PLN 500 – if you come from another EU country, PLN 2,500 – if you come from a non-EU country that does not neighbor Poland.

Example: You come from Brazil, you are in your second year of studies, you are in Poland alone, and the monthly cost of living is PLN 900. You should show a minimum amount of PLN 1601 (PLN 701 + PLN 900) per month for the entire period of the planned stay, plus the costs of the return travel (PLN 2,500).

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