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WroMigrant – Resident Service Centre

There are several Resident Service Centres (so-called COMs) in Wrocław, where you can take care of various official matters. You can also use the Taxpayer Service Centre and the Business Information Point. Check out what these institutions are doing.

Resident Service Centre (COM)

Resident Service Centres (COM) are places where you can take care of a number of official matters.

In Resident Service Centre at ul. Zapolskiej 4, pl. Nowy Targ 1-8 and al. Kromera 44 you can settle the matters related to:

  • identity card,
  • registration,
  • driver’s license,
  • vehicle registration.

In the following centres, you can take care of the followingmatters:

COM Iul. Zapolskiej 4

  • registration of economic activity;
  • local taxes and fees, as well as fees for perpetual lease of land and other payments;
  • confirming the ePUAP Trusted Profile;
  • municipal waste management fees.

COM II pl. Nowy Targ 1-8

  • registration of economic activity;
  • architectural and construction matters at the Department of Architecture and Construction (accepting applications and motions, issuing documents);
  • local taxes and fees, as well as fees for perpetual lease of land and other payments;
  • confirmation of the ePUAP Trusted Profile;

COM IVal. M. Kromera 44

  • issuing certificates from population register records as well as certificates about issued and invalidated identity cards.

In the following centers, you will only be able to take care of the following matters:

 COM IIIul. W. Bogusławskiego 8-10

  • pick up vehicle registration cards for cards registered at COM I located at ul. Zapolskiej 4;
  • pick up vehicle registration cards seised by the Police.

Vehicle Registration Point – CM Polmozbytal. Karkonoska 45

  • registrar vehicles.

 COM Vul. Hubska 8-16

  • submit applications for matters carried out by the Department of Environment and Agriculture;
  • submit documentation for cases carried out by the District Construction Supervision Inspectorate for the City of Wrocław.

Remember to check the opening hours of the centres on the main page of the Public Information Bulletin:

Taxpayer Service Centre

 The Taxpayer Service Centre can take care of a number of official matters related to:

  • tax on means of transport, real estate, agriculture and forestry;
  • submitting an application for issuance of certificate of no tax arrears or amount of overdue tax, agricultural tax and civil law liabilities;
  • fees for perpetual lease of land and other non-tax arrears;
  • municipal waste management fee;
  • obtaining information about the stamp duty;
  • filing an application for a refund of stamp duty;
  • confirming the ePUAP Trusted Profile;
  • updating the contact details in matters concerning taxes and fees collected by the Municipality of Wrocław;
  • submitting letters to all departments and offices of the Wrocław City Hall.

Taxpayer Service Centre
Kotlarskia 41
50-151 Wrocław
phone number: + 48 71 777 77 77

Check the most current opening hours of the centre on the following website:

Economic Information Office

The Economic Development Office of the City Office of Wrocław was established to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as help people who want to start their own business.

Along with the changing reality, the citizenship of people starting their businesses in Wrocław has also changed. Nowadays, more and more companies incorporated in Wrocław are the ones run by citizens of other countries. That is why the office tries to adapt its activities to people who speak different languages and are not yet acquainted with the situation on the Polish market.

Everyone who asks the office for help will receive information on how to set up a company, what are the necessary formalities, forms of support, possibilities of obtaining premises, trading on municipal bazaar markets and shopping streets, food-trucks, as well as information about other institutions and centres that can provide assistance in this regard.

Even if you are at the beginning of your business path, the Economic Development Office will show you, step by step, how to become an entrepreneur, how to develop your business or where to look for help. In order to reach the Economic Development Office, please give them a call, send an e-mail or make an appointment.

Basic information about the Economic Development Office can be found on the following website:

On BRG’s website you will find, i.a.: “Wrocław Entrepreneur’s Guide” containing necessary information on where to apply for opinions and decisions required by law and how to obtain necessary entries, licenses and permits to start a business.

The Economic Development Office conducts quite regular trainings for foreigners interested in running their own business, as well as conferences and seminars aimed at broadening the knowledge of entrepreneurs on new trends and economic phenomena.

Economic Development Office – Economic Information Point
Świdnicka 53, 50-030 Wrocław, room 311 (3rd floor)
phone number +48 71 777 78 19, +48 71 777 75 31

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