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WroMigrant: How to get your PIT done?

How to get your PIT done?

We tell you step by step how to settle your PIT online quickly, easily and all by yourself.

  1. On the website of the Ministry of Finance select e-Tax Office (‘e-Urząd Skarbowy’).
  2. Log in. You can do it using the Trusted Profile or electronic banking. Or simply enter your details: PESEL or NIP, date of birth, the amount of income from the 2020 declaration, the amount of income taken from information provided by employer for 2021 (e.g., PIT-11).
  3. Select your e-PIT.
  4. Check your data. You can correct the data if needed, change the type of tax calculation (e.g. jointly with a spouse), indicate a public benefit organisation that you want to transfer 1% of your tax to.
  5. Accept and send your tax form.
  6. Download an Official Certificate of Receipt (‘Urzędowe Poświadczenie Odbioru’- UPO). You need to keep the PIT and UPO for 5 years.

All done!

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