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WroMigrant: EU Blue Card (p.2)

Can I change my job and its conditions during the first 2 years of my stay based on the EU Blue Card?

If you are staying on the basis of a temporary residence permit in order to work in a profession requiring high qualifications (the so-called EU Blue Card), then for the first 2 years you must apply for a change of permit in the following situations:

  • change of employer,
  • job changes,
  • wage changes to lower.

Important: you can start working under new conditions only after changing your permit.

You only need to inform the voivode within 15 days in the following situations:

  • changes to the type of contract,
  • changes to the minimum working time.

However, after two years of staying on the basis of the Blue EU Card, you are only required to inform the voivode about the above-mentioned changes in working conditions or a change of employer. You can work under new conditions without having to change your permit.

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