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WroMigrant: cash benefits for holders of the Pole’s Card

I have a Pole’s Card. Can I apply for cash benefits for its holders? How can I do it?

Yes, holders of the Pole’s Card, as well as their spouses and children, can apply for a cash benefit. If you live in Poland and you are submitting or have already submitted an application for a permanent residence permit due to the possession of the Pole’s Card, submit an application for a cash benefit to the competent voivode no later than within 3 months from the moment of submitting the application for residence.

What do you need to attach to your application? A valid document confirming identity and citizenship, Pole’s Card, confirmation of stamp duty (PLN 10), declaration of intention to settle in Poland permanently, documents confirming this intention (registration, tenancy agreement, employment contract, insurance, certificate from university, etc.). If family memebers are included in the application, also the documents confirming your kinship and the basis of their legal stay in Poland.

The cash benefit is granted for a period no longer than 9 months. In the first three months, it is 50% of the current minimum wage, in the following – 60% of the initial amount.

Note! Minor children included in the parent’s application are entitled to 50% of the statutory amount. However, if your child has their own Pole’s Card, it is worth submitting a separate application on their behalf so that this amount is 100%.

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