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Wrocław on the languages of the world

“Wrocław na językach świata” means literally “Wrocław on tongues of the world”. “To be on tongues” (być na językach) is a Polish idiomatic expression meaning “to be talked about by many people”. People who meet in couples or groups and talk about their everyday life, about opinions and interests or differences and similarities there are between them. “Wrocław on the world’s languages” provides a free classes of Polish language for adult foreigners – both those who have lived in Wrocław for years and those who have just come here and are trying to get used to Polish culture. Its purpose is to support foreigners living in Wrocław in learning the Polish language, bilateral integration with Poles and increasing language competences enabling them to join the active life of the local community. The project is carried out with significant support from Wrocław volunteers.

General activities

As part of the campaign, classes are held (at least once a week) in pairs or in groups that rely on a casual conversation about everyday life in Wroclaw, about what makes us different, what unites us, about our views and interests. Classes are held in over 60 places in Wroclaw, including in libraries, pubs, restaurants, parishes, associations and foundations. Participants can choose meeting places that are made available by social partners supporting the campaign.

Organizer: Wrocław Integration Center
Financing: Wrocław Commune
Language: Polish, English
Deadline: cyclically

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