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Workshops on counteracting cyberbullying

Violence in Internet space has just as negative consequences as physical aggression. Lack of support can lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide of the victim – mainly children and adolescents. Therefore, are important educational activities carried out in schools and other educational institutions in the field of counteracting cyberbullying, as well as developing empathy and tolerance.

General activities

Workshops on counteracting cyberbullying conducted by expert psychologists with many years of training experience focused on phenomena occurring in cyberspace.


During the workshops, participants will not only understand what cyber violence is, but also how to combat it. All this is to help you notice when we become victims, witnesses or perpetrators of cyber violence and how we can respond to it.
Then the children and young people who take part in the workshops will be asked to conduct their own workshop on counteracting cyberbullying in their environment (e.g. in class, in an association or a scout team). If they accomplish this task, they will be invited as ambassadors for the next activities implemented by the city to counter cyberbullying.

For whom?

Classes are intended for carers and children and youth from schools or other institutions, such as: associations, care centers, sports teams, scout teams, community centers, etc.

Classes will be held in three age groups: grades 4-5 of primary school, grades 6-8 of primary school and post-primary schools.

Separate (special) training will be conducted for carers of children and young people participating in the workshops.

Benefits of participation

Workshop participants will gain two skills: they will gain knowledge about cyberbullying and how to counteract this phenomenon, and they will learn how to conduct a workshop on cyberbullying and hate speech on the Internet.

Organizational information

The next workshop will take place on November 23, 2019 (children from classes 4-5 of primary school and classes 6-8 of primary school – two separate workshops) and November 30 (youth from secondary schools and guardians of all groups – two separate workshops).

The guardian of children/youth should submit participation in the workshops to the e-mail address In the e-mail you should send the following information:

  • guardian name and surname;
  • telephone and e-mail contact to the guardian;
  • first and last name of two children / young people who submitted participation in the workshop, indicating their age and class (class number of the primary or secondary school) they attend;
  • name and address of the institution registering the participants.

The deadline for applications is November 13, 2019. The organizer will inform you by email of qualifying for participation in the workshop by November 18, 2019 at the latest.

Sending the application is not tantamount to taking part in the workshop.

Organizer: Wroclaw Center for Social Development
Financing: Wroclaw Commune
Language: Polish
Date: cyclically (the next workshop will take place on November 23 and 30, 2019)
Contact: (tel. +48 71 77 24 997)

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