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Vth Intercultural Education Fair – 6 and 7 March

Attention, attention – they are coming! The 5th Intercultural Education Fair. The Intercultural Future of Cities – challenges, inspirations and tasks (V Targi Edukacji Międzykulturowej). This edition of the Fair is devoted to multicultural cities and the role that intercultural education play (and will play) in them. We have planned many presentations, workshops and debates, inviting specialists from various countries and backgrounds: academics, educators, non-governmental organizations and others.

Mark your calendar : 6-7 March 2019
Place: Uniwersytet Wrocławski, pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (Oratorium Marianum)

Organisers: Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego, Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Komisja Europejska, Biuro Łącznikowe Wolnego Państwa Saksonia we Wrocławiu

Detailed program will be published soon

Multiculturalism is a natural feature of modern cities. Social and cultural diversity is a source of urban identity and development, but it also raises many challenges. How to deal with them? What are the roles and tasks of various entities in a city? What can be done through education and what through arts? What are the biggest challenges and what are the best projects nowadays? What are we doing currently and what more are we able to learn?

The 5th Intercultural Education Fairs are dedicated to professionalists engaging in broadly understood intercultural education. Starting from activities of schools, kindergartens, universities, work places, institutions through communication in the urban space and in media to integration of new residents, counteracting hate speech and building communities regardless of orgins of their members.

We use the word “future”, because we treat multiculturalism of cities not as a state — we think of it as a process whose directions and results depend on us: residents of cities. The fairs are designed to create an opportunity to exchange good practices carried out in various parts of Europe, learn innovative methods or concepts and, last but not least, inspire to develop activities supporting intercultural dialogue and mutual respect. We also care about the integration of participants from different backgrounds working in the field of intercultural education.

During presentations and workshops, we will bring up issues important for cities and their residents, such as: welcoming classes, inclusion of children in multicultural activities, methods of counteracting hatred and discrimination or using arts in order to promote openness.

During the debates we will discuss a role of politics, media and business in intercultural education and co-operation between local authorities and the government. We will ask how to talk about urban multiculturalism, how to think about its opponents and how to take care of cultural security in cities? Our guests will be academics, educators, representatives of non-governmental organisations and authorities from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. The event has international character.

The programme includes workshops on methods of working with children and youth in the field multilingualism, communication on the Internet and preventing hate speech. The fairs will culminate with a performance of children from the Polish-German-Czech project.

It is important to us to show that the idea of multiculturalism might be not only a part of shaping city’s image, but it can inspire to undertake specific actions for openness and mutual respect no matter of people’s orgins, nationality or culture.

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