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This year’s recruitment for Preparation Classes has started

Today, May 11, begins enrollment for Preparation Classes for the 2020/2021 school year. This is the second recruitment – the first, carried out a year ago, was a great success thanks to the cooperation of the Education Department of the Municipal Office of Wrocław with 7 Wroclaw schools and the support of the Wrocław Center for Social Development.

Children who start school in Poland may attend the preparation class. The offer is addressed to foreign-language children – including foreigners and children returning to Poland from emigration. In the preparation class, children have more classes in Polish. They learn everyday communication, but also words and expressions in mathematics, nature, history and other school subjects. They get to know Polish culture, take part in thematic lessons and integration classes, get to know the city better. At the same time, the child does not lose a year because he has the opportunity to pursue the core curriculum for his level.

“Last year, nearly 300 foreign-language students from over a dozen countries enrolled in the preparation classes. We do not expect this number to be smaller this year. We hope that foreigners who were forced to leave because of the pandemic will come back. In addition, many of them stayed in Wroclaw – says Manuela Pliżga-Jonarska, coordinator for intercultural dialogue at the Wroclaw Center for Social Development. – We want the basics of learning Polish to be conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Many of the students who come to Poland leave friends, acquaintances and family in their country. It is not easy for them to find themselves in the new reality, so we want to help them in this. Preparation classes, therefore, also organize, for example, integration projects and classes in the city so later children can navigate in it. And they knew how to buy a stamp at the post office or use public transport. “

How to enroll a child in preparation classes? Where exactly are the schools covered by the program? What will the child gain in the preparation class?

Full information can be found: here

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