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The premiere of the manual for parents and foreign-language children

Today during the conference took place the premiere of the school manual for parents and foreign-language children. We have included useful information in it, which – we hope – will help them find new school conditions. The manual has been prepared in three language versions: Polish, English and Ukrainian.

See for yourself:






We recommend printing in A5 format on 130 gsm matte paper.

Special thanks to the authors of the manual: Aleksandra Kosior and Oliwia Tarasewicz Gryt. Aleksandra Thannhaeuser and Magdalena Tutar were responsible for consultations and design concepts, and the translation was done by Piotr Tokarek (English language version) and Wojciech Poros (Ukrainian language version). Thank you!

 Thank you for your cooperation with the Education Department of the Wrocław City Hall. Special thanks to Aleksandra Kucewicz, who made the graphic design and (together with Weronika Sroga-Tarka) combined all materials into the whole.


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