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The Polish Parliament approved a draft law of so called anti-crisis shield

Migrants are one of the social groups especially exposed to the negative impact of the epidemic. The Polish Parliament approved a draft law of so called anti-crisis shield, that enters into force on April 1.

The changes relevant for foreigners include:

• legalising of stay – visas, residence cards, stay within visa-free movement will be extended for the period of up to 30 days after the end of the epidemic;

• legalising of work – declarations on entrusting the performance of work and work permits will be extended for the same period;

• suspending the obligation to leave Poland for foreigners obliged to return to their home country for the same period.

Polish NGOs providing help to migrants and refugees called for respecting the rights of refugees and migrants during the pandemic. The still remaining issues are:

• limited access to social support for foreigners, who got stranded in Poland due to the epidemic without a possibility to return to the country of origin, without work and housing;

• difficulties in changing a job due to work permits assigned to a specific employer;

• difficult access to education and the need for support for foreign children;

• suspension of applications for refugee status at the border.

More information: here.

Here is a short recap of the special solutions adopted by the Sejm in regard to extension of legal stay and work of foreigners.

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