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Team for Foreign Language Pupils and Families

The Team for Foreign Language Students and Families (ZURO) was established in 2015 due to the appearance in Wrocław of a significant number of students who do not speak Polish at all or know it to a small degree. The aim of ZURO is to diagnose current challenges and search for innovative solutions regarding the presence of foreign language students and families in Wrocław schools and kindergartens.

General actions

The work of ZURO takes place in the form of substantive meetings, consultations for schools and kindergartens and development of new system solutions for schools and kindergartens in Wrocław.

For whom?

The program is addressed to school principals, kindergartens, teachers, pedagogues and school psychologists.


Coordination of the work of this team is coordinated by the Coordinator for Intercultural Dialogue, and experts include from the University of Wrocław, Lower Silesian Higher School, Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center, Wroclaw Teacher Training Center, non-governmental organizations dealing with foreign language education, invited directors and deputy school directors, as well as employees of the Wroclaw Social Development Center and other institutions.

Organizer: Wrocław Center for Social Development (Intercultural Dialogue Group)
Financing: Wrocław Commune
Polish language
Deadline: cyclically

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