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Talks #2 – Wrocław hospitality

The exhibition “Polish hospitality” will last at the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum until 3rd of February. The accompanying event of the exhibition is a series of conversations referring to the topic of hospitality not only in the macro dimension, but also in the context of the whole of Wrocław.
All migrants who want to share their experience, as well as Wrocław residents who are interested in real stories are invited to the Conversations cycle. During the second meeting we will meet Ala Savashevich and Olga Svystun.

Ala Savashevich – artist, migrant from Belarus. She has been living and working in Wrocław for 5 years. A graduate of the Sculpture Department at the local Academy of Fine Arts. She creates photographs, installations and videos, her work focuses on symbols and stories that affect her life.
Olga Svystun – sociologist, migrant from Ukraine. He has lived in Poland for 10 years. She is a researcher of social adaptation of foreign students in Ukraine, a volunteer and translator, currently working in one of the large corporations.

The next meeting will take place on January 22 at MWW. More information: here.

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