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Summary of trainings on counteracting hate speech in Wroclaw

 It is important to make people aware and remind them what hate speech is and why it is harmful. Not in a didactic manner, but supported by specific explanations, examples and actions. This year, from May to September, we conducted a series of training in counteracting hate speech at Wrocławskie Centrum Integracji:

 – 5 trainings for 48 housing estate councils

 – 2 training for property managers

– 2 trainings for cultural institutions

The Police and City Guard participated in each meeting. Together with the “Dom Pokoju” Foundation, we also organized a meeting “How to work together effectively?, during which, together with social activists, we talked about how to work together to effectively counteract hate speech and increase security in Wroclaw housing estates. Yesterday was the last summarizing meeting in Barbara.

 Thank you to all participants for coming and soon we are planning to develop a guidebook with the most commonly used hate symbols and response instructions.

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