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Stop Hate Speech on TVN24

This project is unique on a national scale, so the range must be nationwide!

Today we talked about the project “Stop Hate Speech in Wroclaw” for TVN 24  and showed a practical example from Żelazna Street. Watch us in today’s TVN Facts at 4 pm. The recording will also be available online in the evening (

As a reminder: Stop Hate Speech is a simple way to report hate speech that can be used by any resident of Wroclaw. Hate symbols are removed by property managers or people who work for social purposes, adjudicated by Wrocław district courts. But not only. It is also a systemic and extensive educational and information program. It is important to educate from an early age. The project involves about 60 Wrocław schools (kindergartens also joined this year), and cultural institutions, property managers, housing estate councils, the Police and the Municipal Police. We teach what hate speech is, how to recognize it, why it is so harmful and how to react to it.

 More about the project and the report form can be found here:

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