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Quarantine culture

We calm the nerves in the culture. Wroclaw cultural institutions and NGOs organize various activities and interesting online broadcasts for you.
You will hear concert broadcasts together with NFM and Sofar Wrocław. At the Pieśń Kozła Theater you will watch the online performance Wyspa, and the Opera Wrocławska has made available archive performances for children and adults. The actors of the Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny theater will show you how to spend your time actively.
The Centrum Biblioteczno-Kulturalne FAMA invites you to the House of Culture “in Slippers” (w Kapciach). Fundacja Ukraina and CUKR recommend English Speaking Club, yoga and Zumba online. `
BWA Wrocław gallery guides online through the exhibition entitled Invisible.
Moreover? We also recommend to visit the nationwide group “Culture in Quarantine” (Kultura w kwarantannie): 
This spontaneous group has become a forum for exchanging information about online cultural offer in Poland and in the world, and there, among others:
Unia Literacka organizes live shows with authors who read excerpts from their unpublished books, or less well-known publications, reports, etc. 
Berliner Philharmoniker offers monthly access to the concert archive, and sometimes also live concerts without an audience: 
Metropolitan Opera provides performance.

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