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Proxy for Residents of Ukrainian Descent

The President of Wroclaw, Jacek Sutryk, appointed the Proxy of the President of Wroclaw for Residents of Ukrainian Descent. From now it is Olga Chrebor, who for years has been involved in the Ukrainian community in Wrocław.

Appointing a representative is, among other things, the city’s response to a large Ukrainian community living in Wrocław. It is estimated that migrants from abroad may be even 100,000.

The Ukrainian community in Wrocław is not only migrants from Ukraine, it is also a Ukrainian minority, which in Wrocław has been present since the 1950s. The duties of a proxy include care and assistance for both groups.

With Olga Chrebor you will be able to make an appointment by email:, and also personally, visiting Wroclaw Center for Social Development at pl. Dominikanski 6, on every Wednesday


More information: here

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