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Proxy for Residents of Belarusian Descent

In September 2020, the President of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, appointed the Mayor of Wrocław’s Proxy for Inhabitants of Belarusian Descent. This position took Tatiana Andrushka.

The Proxy’s tasks include taking actions to support the Belarusian minority and Belarusian citizens who have expressed their intention to settle and provide work in Wrocław in the process of their adaptation and social integration through:

  • increasing the availability of information and counseling,
  • supporting educational processes, including learning the Polish language,
  • supporting cultural activities and other initiatives and projects aimed at intercultural cooperation,
  • other problems and needs arising from the ongoing analysis.

In addition, the Proxy cooperates with representatives of the central and local administration, social partners, non-governmental and economic organizations, and other entities. She also represents the City and the President of Wrocław in dealings with domestic and foreign entities, bodies, and institutions.


In individual matters related to official matters (legalization of stay and work, obtaining citizenship, etc.), and everyday matters (health care, education, etc.), please contact the WroMigrant information and activity point.

WroMigrant. Information and activity points for migrants
pl. Dominikański 6 
50-159 Wroclaw
Tel. +48 71 77 24 950
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday at 9.00 – 16.00

Information and advice are provided by phone and e-mail in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

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