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Project “Relay School – Stop Speech of Hate”

Counteracting hate speech is an important task for every community. There is no agreement for hate speech in our city. “Relay Schools – Stop Speech of Hate” is an urban educational project that was created in October 2014. Its purpose is to make people aware of what hate speech, discrimination and hate violence, sensitize young people to their presence, and prevent their occurrence in the school space and in public space.

General activities

The project includes lectures, workshops and trainings that are tailored to specific audiences in educational institutions.


Participation in the project is voluntary, and each school that participates in it transmits an invitation to participate in the next school (the so-called “nomination”). In addition, schools donate a “golden roller” to symbolize the removal of hate speech from the school grounds.

In each institution, the Stop Hate Speech Declaration is signed and training is provided for the teaching staff and other school staff on the symbolism of hate speech and its legal and psychological effects. From 2018, the lecture will be co-hosted by a representative of the Police.

In addition, as part of the project, the school can take advantage of the offer of anti-discrimination training for pupils, teachers, parents and others. 

During the training, information materials and the e-mail address are distributed through which you can report hate speech in the space of Wroclaw.

For whom?

The project is aimed at Wrocław primary and secondary schools: pupils and students, teachers, administrative staff, educators and school psychologists, parents.

Organizer: Wrocław Center for Social Development (Intercultural Dialogue Group).
Cooperation: School of Economics and Administration in Wroclaw, Lower Silesian Police, Wroclaw Integration Center
Financing: Wrocław Commune
Polish language
Deadline: cyclically

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