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Preparatory classes for foreign-language children now in 11 schools in Wrocław

The number of Wrocław’s schools opening preparatory classes for foreign-language children for the school year 2021/2022 has increased to 11. This is already the third recruitment – the previous ones were very successful.

Preparatory classes programme has been inaugurated in Wrocław schools in 2019, in response to the need to support parents of foreign-language children starting their education in Wrocław. The program was initiated by Wrocław’s educators in cooperation with the Wrocław Center for Social Development and the Department of Education of the City of Wrocław. Until last year, 7 schools, including one high school, from different parts of Wrocław had participated in the programme. In the upcoming school year 2021/22, preparatory units will operate in another 4 primary schools.

New schools will provide not only extra support for schools already participating in the programme, but above all, greater availability of classes for parents and children. In the last school year, nearly 3,000 foreign-language pupils from across the world have attended schools in Wrocław. Taking care of them is a challenge for schools, but also a chance to prove that Wrocław is a multicultural and friendly city.

Classes in the age of distance education

Despite the adversities related to distance education experienced last year, the project has survived and is needed like never before. During the pandemic, the organisers provided as much support as possible by delivering computers needed for children to work remotely, as well as organising intercultural online consultations for principals and teachers of preparatory classes. The support of intercultural assistants, who were working in schools with children and were organising numerous trainings for teachers turned out to be irreplaceable. The result of the long-term activities is a creation of a genuine community of teachers, school principals, and principals who are deeply committed to intercultural education and to support each other in recent times.

What is a preparation class?

Preparation class is for children who start classes in a Polish school. The offer is addressed to foreign-language children – including foreigners and children returning to Poland from emigration. In preparation class, children have a greater number of classes in Polish. They learn everyday communication, but also vocabulary and expressions needed to follow other school subjects, such as math, environment, history, etc. Pupils get to know Polish culture, take part in thematic lessons and integration activities, and get to know the city. At the same time, the child does not lose a year because he/she follows the core curriculum for its level.

How do I enroll my child in preparatory classes? Where exactly are located the schools that participate in the programme? Why is it worth enrolling your child in the preparation class?

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