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Preparation classes are already started!

Does your child come from another country and start learning at a school in Wroclaw? Are you worried that language will be then a barrier for learning?

Sign-up your child to the preparation class!

Preparation class is for children who start classes in a Polish school. The offer is addressed to foreign-language children – including foreigners and children returning to Poland from emigration. In preparation class, children have

– greater number of classes in Polish

– they learn everyday communication, but also words and expressions from mathematics, nature, history and other school subjects

-they get to know Polish culture, take part in thematic lessons and integration activities

– get to know the city better

At the same time, the child does not lose a year because it implements the core curriculum for its level!

You will find more information directly in schools participating in the project. Information on preparation classes and a list of schools can be found here

Preparation classes for foreign children

Graphic design by: Kasia Kobierska

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