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Poland-Korea 30 years together

In Wrocław, we not only have Korean Street: from this summer the Polish-Korean Culture Zone (MICZU) has been operating here, there are also Korean settlements there, and thanks to a Korean company we are a world leader in the production of batteries for electric cars. Now will be the opportunity to get to know the Korean culture and the Koreans who belong to one of the many national minorities living in our city.

On November 16 and 17 (Saturday and Sunday) a meeting “Poland-Korea 30 years together” will take place in the Wrocław City Hall. The meeting on Saturday will be a day about Korea in which Koreans will present their traditions to the inhabitants of Wrocław. The program will include among others workshops on Korean cuisine, taekwondo shows, calligraphy classes and traditional games. You can also try on hanbok (Korean folk costume) and buy original Korean cosmetics and food products.

On Sunday, on Poland day, there will be an opportunity to learn about selected elements of Polish culture. A dance performance in folk costumes, pottery and cooking of gingerbread, painting workshops and regional cut-outs are foreseen.

The meetings will start on Saturday, November 16 at 12.00 with a short official opening.

The Korean side on the stage will be represented by the Korean Consul (reading a letter from Ms. Ambassador), president of the Association of Koreans in Poland, president of KEAW (Korean Enterprise Association of Wroclaw).

Admission to meetings is free. Please only register to the following address:

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