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PIT in a nutshell, or what everyone needs to know

PIT is a personal income tax. According to Polish law, from February 1 to April 30 of each year, an employee who earned income in Poland during the previous calendar year must submit an annual tax declaration (PIT) to the Tax Office.

There are several types of tax declarations. The most common type is PIT-37. You should submit PIT-37 if you work under an employment contract, contract of mandate, or contract for specific work. The employer is obliged to provide the employee with PIT-11 by the end of February. In this form you will find information on how much you earned in the previous year and what tax has already been paid by your employer.

Usually, you must submit the declaration by April 30 of the current year.

You can settle your PIT in three ways:

  • over the Internet,
  • fill in a paper declaration, which you will throw into the box located in front of your tax office,
  • fill in a paper declaration and send it by post to the address of the appropriate tax office.

A quick and convenient way to settle PIT is to submit an online declaration. We explain step by step how to settle your PIT on the government platform e-Urząd Skarbowy.

  1. On the website of the Ministry of Finance, select the e-Urząd Skarbowy.
  2. Sign In. You can do it using a Trusted Profile (Profil Zaufany) or electronic banking. Or enter your details: PESEL or NIP, date of birth, amount of income from the declaration for 2019, amount of income from information from the employer for 2020 (e.g., PIT-11).
  3. Choose Twój e-PIT.
  4. Check your details. You can change the data if it is not correct. Change the settlement method (e.g., together with your spouse), indicate a public benefit organization to which you want to transfer 1% of the tax.
  5. Accept and send the declaration.
  6. Download the office receipt certificate (UPO).

All tax deductions from wages are called advances. If the amount of the advance payment is lower than the tax due, you will have to pay additional tax, and if higher – the tax office will refund the tax to your account.

Remember that you can take advantage of your tax relieves to get a higher refund or pay a lower tax. It may be, among others, relief for a child, relief for a blood donor, Internet, or rehabilitation relief.

If you are under the age of 26 and do not exceed the threshold of PLN 85,528 gross in the tax year, you have the right to take advantage of the youth relief, the so-called zero PIT. It means complete exemption from PIT.

Suppose you make a mistake in the tax declaration online or forget to change your address or add a relief. In that case, you do not have to fill in the annual tax declaration again. It is enough to submit a correction and correct the data. Information on how to correct the tax declaration online can be found here.

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