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Opening of the ‘Nowe Łąki’ Center in Przedmieście Oławskie

This Thursday, the Association for Critical Education is organizing a large housewarming party on the occasion of the opening of the “Nowe Laki” (“New Meadows”) Center in the outbuilding at 81 Traugutta Street. The new facility has already started operations on January 8 this year and is to become a meeting place for all: seniors, young people, children, and migrants.

The opening of the Local Activity Center is part of the implementation of the EU project “Creating multifunctional places of activity of the local community in Przedmieście Oławskie in Wrocław”. The new facility is to contribute to the activation and integration of the community of this part of the city, with particular emphasis on newly arrived foreigners trying to acclimatize in the new state, and other people at risk of social exclusion.
The CAL offer will be available primarily to all residents and users of Przedmieście Oławskie, including children and young people living and learning in the vicinity, adults, seniors, families, local non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, investors, housing estates and schools, libraries, property managers, churches and religious associations. The Center’s plans for activities include, among others specialist workshops on improving image settled through neighborly greenery – flowering balconies, creating front gardens and green entrance areas to buildings, but also inventory of an Art Nouveau detail. Activities integrating the local community will cover four quarters of the streets: Prądzyńskiego, Traugutta, Komuny Paryskiej and Więckowskiego.
The plans also include workshops on house insulation, microenterprises, quality of life (including addiction prevention, health, safety, healthy nutrition and physical activity) as well as cultural and integration events for residents, e.g. picnics and concerts. for children, adolescents, mothers and seniors.
We cordially invite you to actively participate in events organized in the “Nowe Laki” Center and mutual integration of the community. The organizers encourage you to come with snacks or everyday objects.

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