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Do you want to get to know Wroclaw better and to learn more Polish, English or Russian? There is a great opportunity! The Circle of City Guides of the Wrocław Branch of PTTK and the City and Tourism Promotion Office of the City Office of Wrocław organize free Summer Walks with a Guide. In plans is to visit known and less well-known places: the Old Town, Ostrów Tumski, Nadodrze, Mammoth Park and many more. A trip in English this Sunday, July 14. Start at 14.00 near Barbara. You can find more i...Więcej »
At Radio Rodzina in "Oblicza Wrocławia" ("Wroclaw's Faces") we talk about Preparation classes for foreign children.  It is the first project of this type in Poland on such a large scale. We answer why they arose and why they are so important for Wrocław (and not only). We also share our own experience from Germany. Click here...Więcej »
Join the 11th football tournament against racism and other kinds of discrimination! Let’s spend some time together celebrating values like tolerance and respect while playing football! Specially we would like to encourage women: take your female friends and join the tournament! If you want, you can also play just against women teams. Tournament regulations: Registration form: https...Więcej »
Attention, attention - we change the address of Stop Speech of Hate to a shorter one. From today inhabitants can report the hate speech to the address  Entries sent to the old address will also be accepted, but using the new address already. Institutions, on the other hand, can report hate symbols by registering an account in the "Centrum Zgloszen" (Report Center).  More about the program can be found here....Więcej »
Recruitment of pupils for the preparation classes is in progress, which are intended for foreign-language children - including foreigners and children returning to Poland from emigration. Over 90 children have already registered in schools! Teaching in the preparatory ward is to ensure quick mastering of the Polish language in the communication level, integration with Polish children, getting to know the Polish school and preparing to continue regular school education. Foreign language pupils ...Więcej »
Do you want to go on a trip over Lower Silesia and get to know the region? Or maybe take part in film workshops? On holidays the offer in the city is really rich and often free! Especially for you, we collect events in a different language than Polish, which are happening in and around Wrocław. They are intended for those foreigners who do not speak Polish well yet or who speak it poorly. Events are mainly conducted in English and Ukrainian. And at the same time you can learn Polish. Take a lo...Więcej »
Yesterday we've had indeed multicultural and multigenerational meeting. We've had visitors from InterPolska Football Club who has just won the Championship in their league at Playarena Wrocław. We were discussing about The Wroclaw Intercultural Dialogue Strategy and about cooperation. Congratulations! It makes us really happy to know that we have so many talented football players in Wrocław that came from different parts of the world.  ...Więcej »
The 17th edition of SURVIVAL began on Friday, which will last until July 2. During these days, we will be able to see, hear and touch the works of artists from different parts of the world, take part in curatorial guided tours or listen to debates. This edition will be located in a place that is associated with pre-war Wrocław Jews - in buildings at ul. Wiśniowa 36, where it used to be the Railway Hospital and before that the Jewish Hospital. More: here...Więcej »
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