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This year will take place the 10th anniversary of the Brave Kids project. In the second part of June there will be performances in various parts of Wrocław. The final of the project will take place on July 7 and 9 on the large stage of the Polish Theater (Teatr Polski). Meanwhile, the organizers invite you to warm up. Tomorrow at 17.30 in “Teatr Kozla” theatre at Purkyniego 1 str., African rhythms and story-telling workshops will be conducted by members of the Rivers of Meeting coming from the ...Więcej »
Wrocław is an open and friendly city for all: also for children who have come from abroad and start learning at school without knowing Polish. We are in the process of attaching and discussing the last details of the program "Preparation Classes" for foreign-language children who start learning at a Polish school. Last Thursday, we met with school principals who take part in the project. On Friday, we also organized an information meeting with the employees of the secretariats of 80 primary sch...Więcej »
Between 1st and 7th of June, will take place the 21st Jewish Cultural Festival of Simcha (in Hebrew word Simcha means joy). For seven days there will be interesting, and above all, joyous events. The program includes evening Jewish music concerts and many other attractions for participants of all ages, including: workshops, meetings with prominent figures of the Jewish world, discussion panels, film screenings, exhibitions, activities for children, Jewish Fair (Sunday, 2nd of June in the courty...Więcej »
Every year at the beginning of June, Wrocław has its culinary holiday - the festival "Europe on the fork". For the first time, the European feast took place on 4th June in 2009 - this way Wrocław celebrated the anniversary of the first free elections. Wrocławians liked this idea of celebrating so much that now it appears permanently in the city's calendar. The event is under the patronage of Robert Makłowicz. This year, an exceptional occasion, because of 15th anniversary of Poland's presence in...Więcej »
In 2019, we celebrate an exceptional jubilee, namely the "20th anniversary of regional partnership cooperation between Saxony and Lower Silesia". As part of this round anniversary, the Free State of Saxony invites you to Wroclaw from 9 May to 22 June 2019 for a varied program of cultural events in various parts of the city. There are many concerts of classical music, ethnic and jazz music, dance shows and meetings of author's of fine literature. Full program below. We highly recommend it! P...Więcej »
Tomorrow will take place The next edition of the European Night of Literature. It is a project carried out in many cities of the continent, presenting the work of writers from various European countries. It is a holiday of readers who in this one evening can hear excellent prose in the interpretations of prominent creators of culture, and at the same time visit the spaces of the city, which are often not available to visitors on a daily basis. This year places of readings in Wrocław will be loc...Więcej »
We have started with trainings on how to counteract hate speech for Wrocław cultural institutions! Behind us already two trainings for employees and management staff of the Musical Theater Capitol and Strefa Kultury Wrocław. We discussed examples of crimes and symbolism of hatred and ways of dealing with them. An important conclusion - each of us has an impact on our immediate surroundings. You can also act together and thus create a better world more effectively - open, gentle and friendly. W...Więcej »
In four days already, on Sunday, 26th of May, will take place elections to the European Parliament. At that time, all citizens of the European Union Member States will choose their representatives. Why is voting important? Because decisions made in the European Parliament have a significant impact on the lives of all citizens of the European Union. Issues related to migration policy, the labor market or climate change depend on who will receive the mandate of the MEP. Important: Polish citizen...Więcej »
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