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Dear parents! Have you heard of a venue that is a place for meeting different cultures and nationalities, conversations, discussions, support and advice on important issues? And where can your kids play together, and you can drink coffee, heat food and even cook it? If not, be sure to join the Parent Club that works at CAT Tarnogay Activity Center. Meetings are held on Fridays from 11. Admission is always free, you can attend with children of all ages. We recommend it! More information: Cent...Więcej »
To to facilitate reporting of hate speech new application forms have been launched. So you can send your application quickly and easily. Stop speech of hate is an urban project for reporting and removing hate speech in Wrocław: content and graphic elements violating decency and human dignity. It is addressed to the general population, school communities and property managers responsible for the aesthetics of buildings. Report speech of hate You have seen hate speech or symbols of hatred on ur...Więcej »
We are looking for a specialist in information and support for foreigners to our team! If you have experience in working with foreigners in the field of legal and information consultations, you know English fluently (fluent Ukrainian language skills are  appreciated), you are open to other cultures and you enjoy working with people, this is perfect offer for you. We offer the possibility of creating and implementing support the adaptation projects for foreigners and work in a friendly team and...Więcej »
The number of foreigners who have valid residence permits in Poland is still growing. The population of Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia increased the most. Lower Silesia is the leadering among voivodships, according to number of matters regarding the legalization of stay. In the middle of this year, less than 400,000 valid residence permits were held by foreigners. As for January 1st, 2019 and 2018, it was 372 thousand and 325 thousand people. In the first half of this year, the largest increase c...Więcej »
Couple of days already, the 19.New Horizons IFF has been taking place, where the greatest cinema hits of the past months and films rarely present in regular distribution are presented. Among those films there are many that address important issues regarding xenophobia, radical nationalism, migration and multiculturalism. In addition to paid shows, there are also available free outdoor films at the Market Place (Rynek). Today at 22.00 is an opportunity to watch the award-winning "Sils Maria" dir...Więcej »
To learn Polish is not necessary to take a paid course. At the Polish Speaking Club Wroclaw, learning is free and involves practical exercises to speak Polish in a friendly atmosphere. The principle of the club is very simple - we come and speak Polish on a chosen topic. Meetings are conducted by the moderator - it can be any willing participant of meetings after prior agreement with the coordinator. Meetings of the Polish Speaking Club in Wroclaw take place every Tuesday and Friday at 19:00 in...Więcej »
We rather know what kind of music created the atmosphere of the 90s in Europe and United States: from dominant pop to rebellious grunge. And in Taiwan? How did the 90's look like? What music was listened to? You will be able to find out about it Today at the Spanish Bookshop (Księgarnia Hiszpańska). For the first time, the group organized by Kuang-yi and Friends will present you this period in music in Taiwan. Starts at 19.00 It is trully something special, so do not miss it! More information:...Więcej »
We invite you to the second event in the framework of the "Multicultural Summer in Wroclaw" project. On July 28 (Sunday) we meet in the ESK Wroclaw Park of Emotions-Sports-Culture in the Park Tolpy!     Full program below: 16: 00-17: 30 Games on the intercultural playground - workshops for children (+3) together with the Go'n'Act Foundation 30 17:30 -19: 00 Concert and family music studios with Samuel Alty  + musical performance "Water Rhythm" 16: 00-19...Więcej »
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