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PIT is a personal income tax. According to Polish law, from February 1 to April 30 of each year, an employee who earned income in Poland during the previous calendar year must submit an annual tax declaration (PIT) to the Tax Office. There are several types of tax declarations. The most common type is PIT-37. You should submit PIT-37 if you work under an employment contract, contract of mandate, or contract for specific work. The employer is obliged to provide the employee with PIT-11 by the en...Więcej »
We invite you to the first WroMigrant webinar for Belarusian citizens. The topic of the meeting is "Legalization of stay and work in Poland." It will be held on March 16 at 18:00 on the Zoom platform. Participants will learn: how citizens of Belarus can legalize their stay in Poland when the purpose of their stay is work; what types of visas they can apply for; how to submit an application for a temporary residence and work permit at the Voivodeship Office; how citizens of Belarus c...Więcej »
Until the end of the 30th day following the date of cancellation of the state of epidemic emergency or state of the epidemic, the following are extended: National visa (type "D"), Temporary residence permit, Declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner, work permit, seasonal work permit. If the national visa or residence permit card expires in a period of epidemic threat or epidemic, you can still legally stay in Poland based on these documents. Suppose the declaration of entrusting...Więcej »
Thinking about people who came to Wrocław and are taking their first steps in the city, we have prepared a map with necessary addresses and practical tips. The WroMigrant map shows the names and addresses of essential points, such as offices, medical care facilities, seats of local non-governmental organizations providing information support, and others. The publication also includes tips on legalizing your stay, legalizing work, education, safety, and public transport. The map is available in...Więcej »
The term of performance of works based on the declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner (declaration) cannot exceed six months within 12 months. If you have been working for six months, you will only be able to get the next declaration after six months. IMPORTANT! Due to the epidemiological situation, the laws allow you to work for the same employer without obtaining a new declaration or work permits until the end of the 30th day after abolishing the epidemic threat or the state of the epid...Więcej »
If you have submitted an application for a temporary residence permit and you are still waiting for the decision of the Voivodeship Office, you can still make changes to your application. To change the purpose of stay, the following information should be provided or sent to the Office: a completed page of the application that contains the part with a correction; attachments which confirm the new purpose of your stay, e.g., marriage certificate (purpose: marriage with a Polish citizen) or ...Więcej »
Go'n'Act Foundation presents to you a cookbook of recipes from Wrocław residents who have chosen Poland as their new home. By cooking and sharing recipes, they give you a piece of the world they come from. Danielle, Leila, Harsha, Rhea, Amit, Umutcan, Patrick, Halina, Jessica, Nahla, Varun, and Shinta invite you to discover new flavors. Thanks to heroines and heroes, we can go on a culinary journey around the world without leaving our own kitchen. This publication works as a starting point fo...Więcej »
Some inhabitants of Wrocław celebrate Christmas just 14 days after Catholic holidays – on January 7. The Eastern Churches include, for example Greek Catholics and Orthodox Christians. The difference in dates comes from the fact that the Eastern churches measure time with the Julian calendar, while the Catholic churches use the Gregorian calendar. Christmas celebrations begin on Christmas Eve (January 6.) with a traditional Christmas Eve Supper (or Sviata Vecheria – Holy Supper). On this day, al...Więcej »
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