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The Wrocław Center for Social Development, in cooperation with the Saxony Office in Wrocław, the Regional Representation of the European Commission based in Wrocław and the University of Wrocław, cordially invites you to participate in the 6th Intercultural Education Fair entitled "Twists of Action in Education. Changes and Adaptations to the New Social and Cultural Situation". Change and adaptation will be the main topic of this year's edition of the Fair,organized on 23-25 ​​September 2020 in ...Więcej »
The school starts tomorrow! We would like to remind you about our guide / starter package for both parents and students who start their education in Poland and come from another country or return to Poland from emigration. We have included information on the Polish education system and tips on how to find yourself at school. In order to make it easier for children and parents to adapt to the new conditions, we explain how public schools function in Poland and how to cope with the new situation. ...Więcej »
On the last Saturday of August, Wrocław will be given to children. 15 Wrocław organizations invited BraveKids2020 children and youth artists to their estates, transforming Wrocław yards, squares, parks into scenes teeming with life, with a multitude of colors and smiles. The artistic performances will be accompanied by various artistic workshops and music concerts. The event combines a festival of children's art groups (both groups operating in summer as part of Brave Kids, as well as professio...Więcej »
WroMigrant - are municipal information and activity points for migrants operated by the Wrocław Center for Social Development. At WroMigrant points, we provide practical information and free legal advice for migrants, both already living and coming to Wrocław. We are looking for an information and support specialist for migrants for our WroMigrant team. If you have experience working with migrants in the field of legal and information counseling, you are fluent in English (knowledge of Ukrainia...Więcej »
Migrants not only live in large cities, and their contribution to the development of the region is not just work. That is why  it is very pleased that Pomerania has developed a tool that is supposed to make people from other countries feel at home here - not only in big cities. It is the Minimum in Integration Standard (SMI) - a document setting out tasks for individual institutions and organizations in the Pomeranian region.  Albert Miściorak The main goal of SMI is to create such a system of...Więcej »
According to the definition contained in the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees (also referred to as the Geneva Convention), a refugee is a person who resides outside his/her country of origin and has a justified fear of persecution in that country on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political views or belonging to a specific social group. In the light of the provisions of the Convention, persecution should be understood as damage or harm caused by the state or its organs or fai...Więcej »
Hello! Do you know our WroMigrant team? It consists of Ganna, Paulina, Magdalena, Małgorzata and Albert. Maria also helps us. We work with Olga as well, who works for the Ukrainian community in Wrocław. Every day, we provide legal advice and information support: - by phone: ☎️+48 735 969 992, +48 538 579 521 -mail: 📧 - on the 📯 WroMigrant messenger 🤖 From tomorrow we will also post the most frequently asked questions and the answers we give. Write / call us, follo...Więcej »
Today, May 11, begins enrollment for Preparation Classes for the 2020/2021 school year. This is the second recruitment - the first, carried out a year ago, was a great success thanks to the cooperation of the Education Department of the Municipal Office of Wrocław with 7 Wroclaw schools and the support of the Wrocław Center for Social Development. Children who start school in Poland may attend the preparation class. The offer is addressed to foreign-language children - including foreigners and ...Więcej »
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