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 It is important to make people aware and remind them what hate speech is and why it is harmful. Not in a didactic manner, but supported by specific explanations, examples and actions. This year, from May to September, we conducted a series of training in counteracting hate speech at Wrocławskie Centrum Integracji:  - 5 trainings for 48 housing estate councils  - 2 training for property managers - 2 trainings for cultural institutions The Police and City Guard participated in each meeting. T...Więcej »
Today during the conference took place the premiere of the school manual for parents and foreign-language children. We have included useful information in it, which - we hope - will help them find new school conditions. The manual has been prepared in three language versions: Polish, English and Ukrainian. See for yourself:           We recommend printing in A5 format on 130 gsm matte paper. Special thanks to the authors of the manual: Aleksandra Kosior and Oli...Więcej »
What are the benefits which cultural diversity gives to Wrocław? What does integration and joint education look like in practice? About this and many other issues related to Wrocław's multiculturalism in the new broadcast "Conversations about multiculturalism and education". We invite you for listening every Wednesday at 15.10 and on Thursday at 20.10 'Rodzina' Radio. Today guests of Adrianna Sierocińska and Patrycja Jenczmionka-Błędowska will be: Dorota Feliks - director of the Wroclaw Cent...Więcej »
It often happens that residents have become used to these inscriptions and have no point of reference that it could be bad," one of the police officers said at yesterday's training. That is why it is so important to create such "reference points" that would remind and make us aware of what hate speech is and why it is harmful. Not in a didactic manner, but supported by specific explanations, examples and actions. Yesterday, together with WCI, we completed a series of training on counteracting ...Więcej »
We cordially invite you to the mediation conference that will be held on September 20 at the "Campanile" Hotel at str. Ślężna 26 in Wrocław. The conference is organized as part of the October Mediation Week celebrations and in response to the needs of conflict management and mediation in the school and local community. The main goal of the conference is to promote the idea of ​​mediation and Wroclaw as a city that sees the constructive power of conflict in building dialogue and team work. The ...Więcej »
At the end of the summer holiday, we invite you to the second garden meeting, this time lasting two days, with several residents of Hallera Street! The informal group "Community Garden" wants to operate in a local garden space, recalling a time when the common cultivation of neighborhood gardens was very popular. The initiators of the project "Green Unites Generations" invite you to spend that time with them. During these meetings we will learn the rules of designing flower beds, planting and ...Więcej »
Preparation classes organized in Wrocław schools, as well as an increasing number of foreign-language children in Wroclaw, forces us to look for new educational solutions. We are pleased to invite you to the conference Foreign language student at school - we are looking for solutions! Which will take place on September 12 in the Hall of the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Wroclaw street Dawida 1. The issues raised at the conference will concern, among others: teaching Polish as a for...Więcej »
On August 24, Ukraine celebrates 28 years of independence. On this day, in 1991, the parliament adopted a declaration of independence. Over the years, the country formed as a parliamentary-presidential republic, which introduced the national currency and today takes an important place on the international stage. A number of events are planned in Wroclaw for the Independence Day of Ukraine. The “Ukraina” Foundation invites you to the Park Poludniowy for a Multicultural Family Picnic. During the ...Więcej »
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