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The withdrawal agreement has already been approved by the European Parliament in Brussels. In the vote, 621 MEPs were in favor, 49 against and 13 abstentions. However, this is not synonymous with the end of the Brexit process, which will probably last for 11 months. The agreement provides for the possibility of extending or shortening the transitional period, depending on the needs. In practice, from February 1, Great Britain will no longer be a member of the European Union. However, this will ...Więcej »
This Thursday, the Association for Critical Education is organizing a large housewarming party on the occasion of the opening of the “Nowe Laki” (“New Meadows”) Center in the outbuilding at 81 Traugutta Street. The new facility has already started operations on January 8 this year and is to become a meeting place for all: seniors, young people, children, and migrants. The opening of the Local Activity Center is part of the implementation of the EU project "Creating multifunctional places of act...Więcej »
The exhibition "Polish hospitality" will last at the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum until 3rd of February. The accompanying event of the exhibition is a series of conversations referring to the topic of hospitality not only in the macro dimension, but also in the context of the whole of Wrocław. All migrants who want to share their experience, as well as Wrocław residents who are interested in real stories are invited to the Conversations cycle. During the second meeting we will meet Ala Savashevi...Więcej »
XXIII Day of Judaism On January 17, the Catholic Church in Poland will celebrate the 23nd Day of Judaism. On this occasion, the Archdiocese of Wroclaw prepared a three-day (from 15 to 17 January) series of meetings related to the coming holiday. The motto of the whole event comes from the Book of Exodus and refers to the obligation to properly celebrate the Sabbath day (Ex 20.8). The Liturgy of the Word of God will also be based on this commandment. The event is celebrated in Wroclaw for the e...Więcej »
Last Monday at the Representations of the European Commission in Wroclaw was held a debate devoted to the actual Wroclaw's multiculturalism and interculturalism. It was attended by representatives of Wrocław's national and ethnic minorities, residents of Wrocław with migration experience, representatives of the city and non-governmental organizations. We discussed the past position of the multicultural community in Wrocław and the challenges that await us in the near future. Together with the a...Więcej »
Thirty years ago, world leaders made a historic commitment to children around the world by adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each child, regardless of skin color, religion or origin, has been granted the same rights - children's rights. The child should know their rights, understand them and consciously use them. The state should treat the child subjectively and strictly observe its rights. The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1989 by the General Assembly ...Więcej »
In February 2009, in Wrocław was signed the "Kaleidoscope of Cultures" agreement. At that time, representatives of national and ethnic minorities declared cooperation in the field of multiculturalism, tolerance and anti-discrimination. The initiators of the agreement were guided by the idea that multiculturalism should no longer be seen as "multi" but as "intercultural" - in the sense of penetration, coexistence, meeting, dialogue and cooperation as a necessary condition for integration and the ...Więcej »
In Wrocław, we not only have Korean Street: from this summer the Polish-Korean Culture Zone (MICZU) has been operating here, there are also Korean settlements there, and thanks to a Korean company we are a world leader in the production of batteries for electric cars. Now will be the opportunity to get to know the Korean culture and the Koreans who belong to one of the many national minorities living in our city. On November 16 and 17 (Saturday and Sunday) a meeting "Poland-Korea 30 years toget...Więcej »
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