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Yesterday we've had indeed multicultural and multigenerational meeting. We've had visitors from InterPolska Football Club who has just won the Championship in their league at Playarena Wrocław. We were discussing about The Wroclaw Intercultural Dialogue Strategy and about cooperation. Congratulations! It makes us really happy to know that we have so many talented football players in Wrocław that came from different parts of the world.  ...Więcej »
The 17th edition of SURVIVAL began on Friday, which will last until July 2. During these days, we will be able to see, hear and touch the works of artists from different parts of the world, take part in curatorial guided tours or listen to debates. This edition will be located in a place that is associated with pre-war Wrocław Jews - in buildings at ul. Wiśniowa 36, where it used to be the Railway Hospital and before that the Jewish Hospital. More: here...Więcej »
Today, we host a delegation from Breda, which presents social and educational projects that involve the city of migrants and refugees. One of them is Ons Label, under which migrants and Syrian refugees, together with Dutch designers, develop and manufacture handicraft products. Another project is Future seat, which aims to involve children in making decisions about the future. An element of this project is a chair that travels with participants in cities and towns, and serves to invite other ch...Więcej »
On Grunwald was created a special mural , made as a sign of friendship and a gift for Wrocław from Breda - our partner city from the Netherlands. The mural depicts a young woman looking into the distance. The element of the composition is also a burnt vessel. The picture is a symbol of wartime destruction of Wroclaw, but also of today, in which we return to the tradition of multiculturalism and community based on respect for other people - regardless of their origin, religion or skin color.  ...Więcej »
Do you want to learn more about the history of Wroclaw and see why it actually says that Wroclaw is a meeting place? We invite you to participate in the city card game, which will take place this Saturday, June 29 at 14:00 on the square at the intersection of Podwale and Komuny Paryskiej streets. During the game, getting to know the stories and biographies of historical figures associated with Wrocław, heroes of intercultural dialogue, we will check our own social competences! Details in th...Więcej »
Especially for you we have prepared a special document providing the whole information about the support provided by the Lower Silesian Voivoidship Office! For the PDF file, look at the bottom of this text. Have you heard about „Przybysz”? [eng. „the newcomer”] Do you know about the activities of Third-country Nationals’ Office? You don’t know yet? Don’t hesitate and read the article below. The Lower Silesian Voivodship Office in Wrocław implements new activities improving the s...Więcej »
Today we celebrate the World Refugee Day. This day was established by the UN General Assembly in 2000 to raise awareness of the problems faced by people forced to leave their home countries as a result of wars, humanitarian crises or political persecution.  The orange flag with a black stripe, designed by the artist of Syrian descent, Yara Said, metaphorically referring to the life jacket, is a symbol of solidarity with all those who are forced to flee from their home countries and risk an ex...Więcej »
Holidays with the Foundation Ukraine will not be boring! We invite you to take part in the summer language-integration course for children and youth! In program: Language classes, animations, language and integration games, art classes, museum lessons of the multicultural History of Wroclaw and urban legends, robotics workshops, visiting the municipal library, city quest For whom: Children and youth aged 7-17 who come from abroad or are Polish citizens returning from abroad, who start learni...Więcej »