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Yesterday, began the 4th International Poetry Festival Silesius, which is the largest poetic event in Wroclaw, organized by the Wroclaw House of Literature. The program includes public reading, concerts, theater improvisations and many more. Wrocław will be visited by poets from Belgium (Miriam Van hee) and Ukraine (Yurii Andrukhovych and Serhiy Zhadan) and over fifty guests from Poland (including poets, translators, poetry critics and publishers). The festival will last until May 19. The majo...Więcej »
If you feel excluded from the group, feel sad and not quite safe, we are there FOR YOU! You’ve come from abroad and you are new to the city. That makes life a bit difficult and hard to make friends? You are not alone! If you experience discrimination for any other reason, WE ARE HERE! Johanneum Club invite you for consulting sessions and group workshops. Meetings are run by pedagog, coach, sociotherapist Simela Ziota (half Greek). Time and Place: 21st of May at 4 pm (tuesday) DCF cinema,...Więcej »
Employees and employers, attention! The Job Fair for Migrants is approaching Employees will have the opportunity to meet potential employers (not their brokers) from various industries, check their resumes, ask about all bothering aspects regarding the legalization of stay and work in Poland, take part in interesting training related to employment of migrants. Employers, however, gain competent employees. Admission to the fair is free. The ticket can be downloaded at www.targipracydlamigrantow...Więcej »
Up-to-date information, specific themes, answers to migrants’ questions, practical recommendations from experts – this is how every seminar of “Poland – is a place for me” looks like. This is a series of trainings, supporting migrants from third countries (outside of the EU) in adaptation, integration and development in Poland.  Seminars' themes: legalisation of stay, employment, everyday life inf, cultural differences and traditional norms.  More information: here...Więcej »
The Municipal Public Library in Wrocław expands its offer to foreigners. The "Good morning in Wroclaw" project has started In Wrocław live over 120 presentatives  of different nationalities. It is important to provide them with access to foreign language literature as well as materials for learning Polish. As part of the "Good Morning in Wroclaw" project, informers / advertising materials for MWP in English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish should be created containing a map with branches, inform...Więcej »
Polish Cinema for Beginners is a cycle bringing Polish cinema closer to a growing group of foreigners living in Wrocław. Projections will be accompanied by lectures and meetings with filmmakers, film scholars and experts, who paint the broader social and historical context of each title. The whole is held in English, so that all residents of Wrocław - regardless of where they come from - can learn about the roads and sideways of Polish cinema.   In the 12th season of Polish Cinema for Beg...Więcej »
On April 23, we celebrate World Book and Copyright Day. This date was chosen as symbolic for literature world. On this day in 1616, Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Peruvian historian Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died.  On this occasion in Wroclaw are organized various lectures, workshops and meetings with authors. The list is presented below:     Literatura poza granicami/Literature Beyond Borders (PL/ENG)  Światowy Dzień Książki z Hesperią (PL/ESP) Światowy Dzień Ks...Więcej »
Kalejdoskop Kultur festival invites all foreigners living in Wrocław to co-create this year’s edition! Did you move to Wrocław from foreign country, bringing with yourself beauty of the culture of your motherland? Would you like to share it with inhabitants of Wrocław? Do you have an creative idea of how to do it? Write to us and become a part of Culture Kaleidoscope festival! We want to create the platform for sharing and learning about each other. We believe diversity makes our city beauti...Więcej »
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