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New mural on Grunwald – invitation to celebrate

On Grunwald was created a special mural , made as a sign of friendship and a gift for Wrocław from Breda – our partner city from the Netherlands.

The mural depicts a young woman looking into the distance. The element of the composition is also a burnt vessel. The picture is a symbol of wartime destruction of Wroclaw, but also of today, in which we return to the tradition of multiculturalism and community based on respect for other people – regardless of their origin, religion or skin color.  On the occasion of the creation of the mural, we would like to invite you to celebrate this event together.

On Wednesday, June 26 at 18.00 we start a meeting on a nearby square (Łukasiewicza 16 Street), during which we will design and make together neighboring ceramic plates with the image of a mural. The workshop will be hosted by Dominika Kulczyńska and Mateusz Peringer, the initiators of the activities gathered around the nearby Social Cooperative “Zakwas”.

However, on Friday, June 28 at 16:00, will take place a ceremonial unveiling of the mural. During the picnic on the nearby square there will be an opportunity for joint conversations, food and even singing! We also invited special guests – Wrocław citizens from Ukraine, Syria, India and Vietnam who will write your name in different languages.

The mural will be unveiled by Breda’s mayor Paul Depla and President of Wroclaw, Jacek Sutryk.

We invite you to the shared table!

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