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Multicultural Street

Multicultural Street is a program of animation and cultural activities whose aim is to support, initiate and implement multicultural events in the space of Wroclaw. The common place of these events is the city, which we understand as a space that is diverse architecturally, socially and culturally. We want all Wrocław residents, regardless of their country of origin, to get to know each other, integrate and explore the diversity of cultural urban landscape during joint meetings.

General activities

City games, walks, concerts and other integration events of a multicultural nature.


  • Wrocław as a multicultural city

    We know that Wrocław has an extremely rich multicultural tradition. But do we know specific characters, events and places associated with it?

    On October 5 and 13, 2018, two editions of the urban game “Wrocław as a multicultural city” were premiered. Together, we have solved a number of varied and interesting tasks, thanks to which we got to know the history of Wroclaw and its multiculturalism. We learned, among others What was the Royal Palace, what Nobel prize winners were connected with the University of Wrocław, what event accelerated the urban development of our city and many other curiosities. The next game is planned for spring of 2019. Follow our site!

  • Multicultural Christmas

    On December 19, 2018, the Multicultural Holy Day took place in Barbara on Świdnicka street. Over 80 foreigners and Poles celebrated together in a multicultural atmosphere.

    The event was attended by people of different nationalities: Poles, Chinese, Syrians, Japanese, Ukrainians, Indians and others. During the meeting, Christmas customs in different cultures were presented, traditional Polish Christmas dishes were served. The participants also listened to a Christmas carol concert in a new arrangement of the band “A Woman is a Christmas Carol.”

    The event was organized by the Wrocław Center for Social Development (Team of Intercultural Dialogue). Cooperation: Arrow Services, Wrocław Uncut, Strefa Kultury Wrocław

    We plan to repeat the event in December 2019

  • Kaleidoscope of Cultures


    Festival “Kaleidoscope of Cultures” is one of the most important and the largest multicultural events in Wroclaw. Its main organizer is the Kaleidoscope of Cultures Foundation, operating since 2008 for the social and civic activation of immigrants, foreigners and national and ethnic minorities. As part of the festival, each year, concerts of bands representing national and ethnic minorities (including German, Ukrainian, Greek, Roma, Lemko, and Jewish minorities), workshops, culinary tastings and many others take place on Wyspa Słodowa.

    The festival involves not only professional artists, but also amateurs fascinated by the culture of their ancestors and cultivating their traditions. Thanks to its open formula, it is a significant element of the activation and integration of minority communities both in Wrocław and throughout Lower Silesia.

    As part of the festival events, for the eleventh time in June 2018 concerts took place on Słodowa Island (about 1500 spectators during the whole day), a club concert (about 200 people), workshops (about 300 participants) and a presentation of minority cuisine.

    The next edition is scheduled for June 2019.

    More on the site:

  • International Wroclaw Events


    This is a series of meetings during which, among others, musical performances, stand-ups, educational presentations, discussions and integration games and activities. The main goal of the series is to create an opportunity to get to know different cultures present in Wrocław, exchange experiences and establish contacts.

    Meetings take place once a month, from May to the end of 2018, in “Barbara” at ul. Świdnicka 8b.

    “International Wroclaw Events” is implemented by Arrow Services – services for foreigners and the Queen’s School of English, with media support Wroclaw Uncut and financial support of the Municipality of Wrocław.

  • “Multicultural Wrocław” exhibition


    It is a mobile educational exhibition whose aim is to bring closer the figures of Wrocław residents from different cultural backgrounds. The ten heroes depicted in the pictures shared with us their passions, lifestyle and important values in their lives. Through the exhibition, we want to invite the inhabitants of Wrocław to talk about tolerance, openness and the benefits of intercultural dialogue.

    The exhibition consists of photographs in Polish and English. It can be borrowed from Wroclaw Social, educational, cultural, social, business and other institution. The exhibition can be added to your multicultural events.


Organizer: Wrocław Center for Social Development (Intercultural Dialogue Group), non-governmental organizations, companies
Financing: Wrocław Commune
Language: Polish, English
Deadline: cyclically

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