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Kalejdoskop Kultur 2019. Invitation for foreigners

Kalejdoskop Kultur festival invites all foreigners living in Wrocław to co-create this year’s edition!

Did you move to Wrocław from foreign country, bringing with yourself beauty of the culture of your motherland? Would you like to share it with inhabitants of Wrocław? Do you have an creative idea of how to do it? Write to us and become a part of Culture Kaleidoscope festival!

We want to create the platform for sharing and learning about each other. We believe diversity makes our city beautiful and we want to open the Kaleidoscope stage for those, who came here from abroad and want to share their culture with others. All foreigners and minorities are invited!

If you came to Wrocław from abroad or you have an interesting idea how to present your culture in a creative way, feel free to contact us by e-mail:

Feel welcome!

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