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Kaleidoscope of Cultures

Festival “Kaleidoscope of Cultures” is one of the most important and the largest multicultural events in Wroclaw. Its main organizer is the Kaleidoscope of Cultures Foundation, operating since 2008 for the social and civic activation of immigrants, foreigners and national and ethnic minorities. As part of the festival, each year, concerts of bands representing national and ethnic minorities (including German, Ukrainian, Greek, Roma, Lemko, and Jewish minorities), workshops, culinary tastings and many others take place on Wyspa Słodowa.

The festival involves not only professional artists, but also amateurs fascinated by the culture of their ancestors and cultivating their traditions. Thanks to its open formula, it is a significant element of the activation and integration of minority communities both in Wrocław and throughout Lower Silesia.

As part of the festival events, for the eleventh time in June 2018 concerts took place on Słodowa Island (about 1500 spectators during the whole day), a club concert (about 200 people), workshops (about 300 participants) and a presentation of minority cuisine.

The next edition is scheduled for June 2019.

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