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I’ve been waiting a long time for a residence permit. Can I submit a reminder?

Yes. If the application has not been considered within the term specified by law or within the term set by the Voivode (administrative inaction) OR if the procedure takes longer than it’s necessary to settle the matter (excessive length) – you can submit an official reminder.

The reminder must contain a justification in which you indicate why, in your opinion, the authority is inactive or is delayed. Remember to provide your personal data, case number, name of the inspector, and the date of applying.

The reminder is submitted to a higher-level authority (the Head of the Office for Foreigners, UdSC) through the authority conducting the matter (e.g. the Lower Silesian Voivode). You send the reminder to the address of the appropriate voivodeship office.

The Voivode must send the reminder along with copies of the case files to the Head of the UdSC within 7 days of its receipt. The head of the UdSC examines the reminder within 7 days and, in the event of inactivity or excessive length, obliges the Voivode to settle the matter within the prescribed period. You will be informed about the decision by post.

IMPORTANT: Do not send complaints or reminders to other institutions, such as the Mayor of Wrocław, Plenipotentiary for Ukrainian or Belarusian residents, City Hall, etc. It will not have any impact on expediting your case.

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