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I’ve been waiting a long time for a residence permit. Can I submit a complaint to the court?

Yes. You can submit a complaint with the Voivodship Administrative Court in the case of the inaction of the authority or excessive length of the proceedings. 

IMPORTANT: The right to bring a complaint to the court can only be exercised after the prior submission of a reminder. 

Unlike the reminder in the complaint, you should indicate the specific violation of the law. You can also apply for a sum of money that the authority will have to pay to you. For this, we advise you to seek the assistance of a lawyer.

Also, you will need to add proof of payment of the court fee (PLN 100). 

You need to submit a complaint to the Voivodship Administrative Court through the body conducting the proceedings (e.g. the Lower Silesian Voivode). You send the complaint to the address of the appropriate Voivodship Office that deals with your case. 

The Voivode must send the complaint along with the files of your case to the court within 30 days of its receipt. It may take several months for the case to be examined by the court. By the court’s judgment, the Voivode may be required to issue a decision within the prescribed period.

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