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Intercultural assistants for schools

The Kaleidoscope of Cultures Foundation in cooperation with the Wrocław Center for Social Development announces the recruitment to the School of intercultural assistants. The pilot program is to enable trainings for candidates for cultural assistants, and then selected candidates will be employed in Wroclaw schools in the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 school years. Applications can be submitted until March 13.

The project of educating cultural assistants is another initiative for migrants in Wrocław. Intercultural assistants will support children and young people from various countries who have started studying in Wroclaw schools. Training programs for teachers and psychologists working with foreign students as well as S-P-D training (Stereotypes – Prejudices – Discrimination) will also be part of the program. Selected educational institutions will participate in the program.

How to participate in recruitment?
The Kaleidoscope of Cultures Foundation is looking for candidates who meet the following requirements:
good knowledge of Polish
knowledge of foreign languages, in particular languages ​​spoken by Wrocław foreigners in schools (such as Ukrainian, Russian, English)
knowledge of other foreign languages ​​is appreciated
predisposition to work with children
readiness to take part in the whole cycle of full-time training and to take up employment as an intercultural assistant (persons entering the training are required to sign a training contract)

An additional advantage will be:
– higher education
experience or education allowing you to teach Polish as a foreign language
pedagogical or psychological education
experience of working with children or in a multicultural environment
knowledge of the migrant environment and community
own migration experience
communication skills and teamwork skills

Application documents and further inquiries can be directed to the training assistant Lesya Savytska via phone number +48 502 683 898 or to the address: For more information on the recruitment conditions, please visit:

The school of intercultural assistants is co-financed from the National Program for Asylum, Migration and Integration “Bezpieczna Przystan” (“Safe Harbor”) and the state budget under the ReSTART project and funds of the Municipality of Wrocław under the project SUPPORT FOR INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE IN SCHOOLS – School of intercultural assistants.


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