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Identity and patriotic education

It is a program implemented by non-governmental organizations. It includes educational activities targeted at young people and people working with children and young people. Their goal is to create conditions for the development of dialogue within the social and patriotic education and to shape social attitudes based on solidarity, social and civic activity, as well as cooperation, openness and respect towards representatives of other nations and cultures.

General activities

The program organizes debates, meetings with authorities, conferences, workshops, trainings, and educational activities among young people, including formal and informal groups, and among the leaders of these groups.


In 2018, the following projects were implemented: “Patriotism of Dialogue” (Social Observatory Foundation), “Cafe Polonia” (Fundacja Nowa Szkoła), “Wroclaw Faces of Patriotism” (Association of Social Diversity Up-Date), VIII Festival of World Culture DOM HOZYCZYSTY (European Association) Science and Culture enthusiasts PROGRESSIO).

More information about the projects can be found on the websites of non-governmental organizations.

For whom?

The project is aimed at children, young people, teachers, pedagogues and youth leaders as well as those interested in Wrocław.

Organizer: Non-governmental organizations
Financing: Co-financing, Wrocław Commune
Polish language
Deadline: cyclically
Contact: non-governmental organizations

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