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Multiculturalism is a phenomenon expressed in the singular. And we are talking about multicultural plural, because there is not the only proper explanation of all cultural phenomena, which are subject to constant change and are very dynamic. Multiculturalism permeates each other, creating a whole network of connections. We also define these phenomena with a simple word, easy to remember and pronounce – also for people who are just learning the language.

Man as a microculture

We also understand multiculturalism on a micro scale. Each person is a kind of microculture, a multi-colored essence, functioning in many cultures at the same time and having a unique value system that affects its behavior and manner of communication. Through our activities, we want to help groups and individual inhabitants of Wrocław to understand themselves, each other, enable and improve dialogue and cooperation.

Intercultural dialogue

They can help with the questions that we ask ourselves and others during our activities: who am I? where am I from? In what cultures do I function today? what do I think about others? How do I communicate? How can I respond better in culturally different situations? how to create a diverse community based on respect and cooperation?

The purpose of our activities

Our goal is a Wrocław citizen aware of their micro-culture. Also aware of its stereotypes and prejudices against other cultures, ready to respond to violence resulting from ignorance of others, but above all able to talk despite differences and having the appropriate knowledge of the basic phenomena related to the cultural diversity of modern Wrocław and the world. Thanks to the increase of knowledge about oneself and others, it is easier to cooperate, and thus build the social capital of our city and together face the challenges that bring changes in the world.

Benefits for Wrocław residents

Each of us is different and one of a kind. If we recognize and accept our diversity, we will become more open and at the same time feel safer and more confident with ourselves. We will not be afraid to speak openly about what bothers us, and thus prevent any possible conflicts in the bud. Thanks to this, Wrocław becomes an open and friendly city for everyone.

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