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I want to handle official matters via the Internet. Is it possible?

Yes, many official matters can be handled online. To do this, set up a Profil Zaufany (Trusted Profile) – a free tool that allows you to confirm your identity on the Internet.

In the case of foreigners, there are two ways to create a Trusted Profile.

  1. Fill in the form to create a Trusted Profile in the electronic banking system. After authorization, you will receive an account confirmation to your e-mail address. The largest banks in Poland offer this possibility.
  2. Submit your application online at Then, personally confirm your identity in one of the confirmation points, i.e., in selected offices and public institutions. You can find confirmation points in your city using the search engine:

With the help of a Trusted Profile, you will:

  • settle PIT online;
  • log in to the Patient Online Account (IKP);
  • handle dozens of other official matters without leaving your home.

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