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I am applying for a residence permit for a long-term resident of the EU. How to correctly show the source of stable and regular income in the last 3 years?

First, write in the relevant field in the application information about where you have funds for living and your earnings. Documents confirming the source of a stable and regular income include:

  • current employment contract / order contract;
  • a document confirming the current income obtained from the conducted business activity.

Remember, the minimum amount that you have to show is PLN 701 net for a single household member or PLN 528 for each person in the family, but this information should be confirmed with relevant documents.

The document confirming the amount of income from the last 3 years may be, among others:

  • PIT-37 form for the last 3 years;
  • income certificates from the Tax Office for the last 3 years.

Important: The stamp duty for issuing a certificate of income from the Tax Office for one year is PLN 21. To obtain a certificate for 3 years, you have to pay for each year.

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