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How to change the purpose of stay in the application for a temporary residence permit?

If you have submitted an application for a temporary residence permit and you are still waiting for the decision of the Voivodeship Office, you can still make changes to your application.

To change the purpose of stay, the following information should be provided or sent to the Office:

  • a completed page of the application that contains the part with a correction;
  • attachments which confirm the new purpose of your stay, e.g., marriage certificate (purpose: marriage with a Polish citizen) or attachment no. 1 (purpose: work);
  • a short note explaining the changes, your data, case number, and the inspector’s name is responsible for the case.

Remember that the purpose of your stay in the permit should always be in line with your actual purpose of stay. If you have already received the decision on granting you a residence permit, but the purpose of your stay has changed, then you need to submit a new application.

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