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How do I count a 5-year stay for an EU long-term residence permit correctly? 

I apply for an EU long-term residence permit. One of the conditions is a 5-year uninterrupted stay in Poland. How do I count my stay correctly? 

To correctly calculate the uninterrupted stay in Poland, you should sum up the periods from all your previous residence permits and visas, including multiple conditions: 

“Uninterrupted stay” means that in the last 5 years none of your stay out of Poland was longer than 6 months, and all the intervals together did not exceed 10 months period; 

The 5-year period of stay does not include stays on humanitarian visas and residence permits for the purpose “nauka” (Please note, “studia” and “nauka” purposes are two different kinds of permits); 

The 5-year period of stay includes half of the period of stay in the case of a stay granted based on a visa for studies, a temporary residence permit for studies, or professional training. If you studied based on a 12-month study visa, this stay is counted as 6 months. 

IMPORTANT: In the case of a residence permit, check the purpose in the decision. For example, if you were employed, but the residence permit was issued with the purpose of studying, you can count only half of this period. 

Remember that the period of visa-free travel is also included in the 5-year period.

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