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Education in Memorials

The aim of the “Education in Places of Remembrance” project is to enable Wrocław youth to visit memorial sites and learn about various forms of commemoration – important for both Polish historical consciousness and representatives of other nations and ethnic and cultural groups. A very important element of the project is shaping a reflective attitude towards history: sensitizing violence and exclusion and showing the effects of intolerance towards other traditions, beliefs and religions.

General activities

Workshops, pre-departure and post-war discussions and trips to memorial sites, addressed to appropriate age groups.


The project assumes trips to memorial sites selected for age groups. Primary school pupils visit, among others district of Mutual Respect and the Muslim Cultural and Educational Center in Wrocław. Older students -Gross-Rosen, Bełżec, Auschwitz or other places of the Holocaust. The program provides for preparing students for trips in advance. Classes and workshops take place, where the history of places is explored, discussion about tolerance, its lack and its consequences. In addition, the pupils visit on this occasion places showing the positive power of cooperation, such as the salt mine in Wieliczka.

More information about the offer:

For whom?

The project is aimed at pupils and students of primary and secondary schools as well as teachers of Wrocław schools.

Organizer: Education Department of the City of Wrocław Office, Wrocław Teacher Training Center, Wrocław educational institutions
Co-financing: Wrocław Commune
Polish language
Deadline: cyclically

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