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Difficult to cope during pandemic? Call for advice

Free telephone helpline is available to anyone having difficulties with coping with the current situation and needing support. Calls are taken by psychologists, senior citizens can talk to volunteers on the Don’t Be Alone helpline and they are special hotlines with specialists helping those who are being abused.

Professional help is offered by Wroclaw psychologists with years-long experience. ‘Everyone who needs support and advice, for whom this period of epidemic threat is particularly difficult, can call our helplines. This refers also to seniors, for whom it is an especially hard time,’ says Beata Nawrotkiewicz from the Wroclaw Centre for Social Development. ‘Psychologists do not provide information concerning the current coronavirus situation – they offer only psychological support,’ she adds.

Don’t Be Alone

Wrocław Senior Centre at Wrocław Social Development Centre offers Don’t Be Alone (Nie Bądź Sam) support line for senior citizens who feel lonely and want to talk to somebody. The line is available Monday to Friday at 888 999 372 from 9:00 till 15:00.

MOPS can help, too

Professional psychological support is also available to elderly, lonely, or disabled persons, who can call any of the following phone numbers offered by Municipal Social Welfare Centre (MOPS) in Wroclaw: 71 782 24 37, 71 782 35 90, 71 782 24 18, 71 367 76 28, 512 967 001, 722 308 007, 512 965 507.

Report abuse.

Domestic violence can be reported by calling the following numbers:

112 – emergency telephone number

512 198 939 – MOPS Helpline (24 h)

71 78 23 591 – Anti-Family Violence Team

71 796 40 85 – Crisis Intervention Centre at Nadodrze Support Centre (24 h)

800 12 00 02 – „Blue Line” (24 h)

116 111 – Helpline for Children and Youth (24 h)

Psychiatric help also available in Wrocław

It is covered by National Health Fund. Parents and guardians of school-age children, as well as teachers can seek support in family counselling centers and district psychological and pedagogical counselling centers.

Psychological help offered also in foreign languages

Wroclaw Health Centre (Wrocławskie Centrum Zdrowia SP ZOZ), Centre for Mental Health + offers support in English (Monday to Friday from 9:00 till 18:00, tel. 724 220 820), CURATUS Health Promotion Association provides help in Ukrainian and Russian (Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:25 till 20:00 and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00 till 15:35, tel. 663 222 260

Wrocław offers also a number of parochial family counselling centers where help is provided by psychologists, pedagogists, therapists and psychiatry doctors.

Psychological and pedagogical help can also be found at educational institutions. Every school offers free support from psychologist and school pedagogist to children and their parents.

Moreover, on Wrocław Social Development Centre’s YouTube channel there are videos with advice from psychologists, also available in foreign languages (link below):

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