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Cookbook „Let’s meet at the kitchen table”

Go’n’Act Foundation presents to you a cookbook of recipes from Wrocław residents who have chosen Poland as their new home. By cooking and sharing recipes, they give you a piece of the world they come from. Danielle, Leila, Harsha, Rhea, Amit, Umutcan, Patrick, Halina, Jessica, Nahla, Varun, and Shinta invite you to discover new flavors.

Thanks to heroines and heroes, we can go on a culinary journey around the world without leaving our own kitchen. This publication works as a starting point for family cooking, but also for important conversations about diversity and the multicultural world.

In the book, you will find only vegetarian recipes from India, Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Syria, Kenya, Israel, Turkey, and Thailand. This book symbolically invites us to sit at one intercultural table. It creates a space for getting to know each other together, building openness and mutual understanding.

You can download the cookbook here:

Or to get a hard copy by writing on email:

This publication was created as part of the „Let’s Meet at the Kitchen Table” project, implemented by the Go’n’Act Foundation in cooperation with the Wrocław Center for Social Development as part of the „Wrocław Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue” 2018-2020 program and co-financed by the Community of Wrocław (

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