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Consultations for migrants in the city centre of Wrocław

Since October new city dwellers of Wrocław can get free advice in the new information point on the city’s map: Przejście Dialogu.

How to get a consultation?

Consultants answer questions related to legalisation of stay and work, administrative matters (eg. getting a PESEL number, registration of place of stay, driving licence exchange), renting a flat, looking for work, healthcare and education of children and adults.

You can come for a consultation in Przejście Dialogu on:

  • Monday 13:00-17:00
  • Tuesday 13:00-17:00
  • Friday 9:00-13:00

Consultations are individual and can take between 20-40 minutes depending on your question. You can book a particular day and time by calling 538 579 517 or by filling in the contact form online: You do not have to make a reservation in advance, you can also just come to Przejście Dialogu during the consultation hours and wait until a consultant is available. 

Consultations are offered in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

The only requirement for getting a consultation is filling in a paper survey right before a conversation with a consultant. 

Information for migrants is provided by the staff of the information and activity point WroMigrant and Instytut Praw Migrantów. On the other weekdays, consultations will be offered by other Wrocław’s organisations. Details will soon be available. 

How to find us?

Consultations are offered in the new place on Wrocław’s map – in Passage of Dialogue (Przejście Dialogu), a place for meetings and activities promoting social dialogue. Passage of Dialogue is located in świdnicka Passage (an underground passage below tram trucks) in the exact centre of Wrocław, nearby Rynek, with easy access to public transport. 

It’s possible to get to the Passage of Dialogue from the level of świdnicka street by elevator. If you need to use it, please contact a staff member (tel. 71 798 64 99) before you arrive.   

In order to ensure the safety of our guests and employees, we would ask you to wear a mask, disinfect your hands and keep a distance of minimum 1.5 m from others.

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