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Coalition of Minority and Migrant Organizations: networking meeting

Are you a leader/member of an informal group representing migrants or ethnic or national minorities? Or maybe you work in an NGO of migrants or the so-called „official” minorities? It’s time to join forces! We have different human resources, premises, often different needs and perspectives.  On June 15, 2021 at 15.00 Kalejdoskop Kultur invite you to the first networking meeting of the emerging Coalition of Minority and Migrant Organizations.

Societies of migrants, as well as local associations and groups of people belonging to national and ethnic minorities face various challenges: from housing problems, through human resources, skills, promotion, to finance current activities. Creating a common platform that would help initiatives and stimulate cooperation between the community of so-called „official” minorities and migrants is the main goal of establishing the Coalition of Minority and Migrant Organizations. 

The first meeting of the emerging coalition will be held on June 15, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. on the Zoom platform. To take part in it, all you need to do is complete the application form ( or write to: You do not have to belong to a formal organization, it is enough that you act within or for a group of migrants or representatives of national and ethnic minorities.

Aims of the first meeting:

  • get to know each other: share the needs, perspectives and expectations,
  • present the Coalition’s offer, which you can use in the next 2 years to strengthen your organizations, raise the competences of leaders, promote and finance your initiatives
  • work out the basic principles of Coalition and its long-term goals.

 Coalition meetings will be held in Polish, but if you do not speak Polish at a level sufficient to participate in the meeting, please report. In case of any questions – write to:

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